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Jan 03, Emily May rated it it was ok Shelves: arc , , mystery-thriller. What is it you want Layla? I swear I gave it my best shot. I really wanted to love this book.

Paris' Behind Closed Doors kept me on the edge of my seat, but her sophomore novel The Breakdown bored me, so I figured two out of three ain't bad , right?

Sorry, it's a Meat Loaf kinda morning. I'll give it an extra half star for keeping me reading despite rolling my eyes every few pages, but that's the most enthusiasm I can muster for it.

And many of those authors have made it more convincing than Paris managed here. Bring Me Back alternates between the past, in which Finn the narrator and his girlfriend Layla take a holiday in France and she disappears; the present, in which we find ourselves ten years later with Finn about to marry Layla's sister Ellen; and first person accounts from Layla, where she mostly talks like a comic book villain , figuratively twirling her mustache.

Most of the book takes place in the present. Despite believing Layla is gone for good, signs start popping up that she may be alive. Her beloved Russian dolls start appearing everywhere, and when Finn receives emails from a mysterious source who seems to know too much, it becomes obvious something nefarious is going on.

Problem is, it's all a bit like a slightly comical though unintentionally so B-movie. Every chapter ends with some really cheesy line that is supposed to be ominous.

Like: "I don't ever want you to be scared of me," I say. Not like Layla was, that night, I silently add. The narrative reminds me of the criminologist from The Rocky Horror Picture Show , raising his eyebrow at the camera and saying "Or had they?

Finn seems like a dick from the get-go and a dumbass - why would he go meet someone he suspects is a kidnapper? There was no hook; no exciting questions.

The middle dragged as I was forced to ponder what exactly I was supposed to be caring about - are we supposed to be afraid of Layla? Are we supposed to care about the romantic relationships and who Finn will choose?

In general, I prefer more carefully-crafted plots with more complex characters than Paris offers up here, but I can definitely enjoy pulpy, nasty thrillers like her Behind Closed Doors.

Unfortunately, though, I don't think this book was particularly clever OR fast-paced and enjoyable. I guess her first book might have been a one-off for me.

Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube View all comments. Entertaining but utterly ridiculous! The plot is derived from a soap opera and the main character is a moron.

However, it's a fun mindless read! Unfortunately, I was less than impressed with Bring Me Back. I feel like all the soap opera watching I have done helped me to figure things out rather early on.

I was hoping I was wrong, but sadly I was not. I am capable of suspending disbelief but this goes beyond. I really c Entertaining but utterly ridiculous!

I really could have cared less about Finn, Ellen, and Layla. They lacked depth and intelligence. Peggy the dog was the only character I cared about.

Despite all the issues I had, I did have fun reading this and I enjoyed how the Russian nesting dolls were woven in. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and St.

Martin's Press in exchange for an honest review. Holy Moly! Seriously, if this book had been edible, I would have made myself ill devouring it!

British couple Finn and his girlfriend Layla, are on their way home from a skiing trip in France when he pulls into a secluded, dimly lit area late at night to use the restroom.

When he returns to the car Layla is nowhere to be found! Fast forward 12 years and Finn has moved on with his life, in Holy Moly!

However, knowing how B A Paris's previous books played out, I knew that this idyllic situation wasn't going to last!

Someone claiming to be Layla contacts Finn by email, and also begins leaving Russian dolls outside his house and sending them in the mail.

This was a fantastic storyline, and for me it was the plot rather than the characters that was the star of the show, and literally had me holding my breath at times.

The tension began on page one and really never let up, with the author using misdirection - smoke and mirrors to maximum effect, and though I kind of guessed where it was heading, it didn't pan out exactly as I thought it would, which meant I thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

Utterly gripping! Shelves: netgalley , from-publisher. Please don't hate me. I have mad respect for B. Paris; I felt her debut novel Behind Closed Doors was a forerunner in the domestic abuse thriller genre and I think the quality of her writing is incredible.

Unfortunately, this one was just too over the top for me. Like a few other people have mentioned previously, I was gripped and fully invested during "Part One".

I did find I had already guessed initially where "Part Two" was going, but wanted to keep an open mind. I didn't find the characters Please don't hate me.

I didn't find the characters particularly likable or well developed; this is a short novel focused on moving the plot along and not particularly on character development, but Paris kept me turning the pages and unable to put the book down.

It had started going downhill in "Part Two" for me, but where the story really lost me was "Part Three". The twist is simultaneously one that has been done before many times in many ways, yet also one that is so far fetched and wackadoodle that there is no way it could be remotely plausible.

This may be due to the fact that I've read so many thrillers; someone who is newer to the genre and a little less jaded will likely take to the twist much more graciously than I was able to.

In short, the pages were easy to turn, but in the end I can't say that I enjoyed this one. I'm still on board the author's fan train and will eagerly await her next novel.

View all 53 comments. I liked it. I had that experience with this book. Upon reading it, I kept thinking about it and the plot and realized that B.

Paris pulled her plot twist off in a clever way. I also realized that there was a clue or two thrown in and although I read the words, I missed it but then had my "AHA!

This is also a book, I thought I had figured it out, and was wrong. I love when this happens. I really enjoy when an Author surprises me.

A young Couple, Finn and Layla are traveling through France when they pull over and Finn goes into the restroom.

An investigation ensues but Layla is never found. She has completely vanished. Her belongings are still in the car but there is no sign of her.

She is never seen or heard from again. What happened to her? Finn is devastated and isolates for a long time. Finn, is finally ready to move on with his life and has found love again - with Layla's sister, Ellen.

Drawn together in their grief, they form a relationship which becomes romantic. Now, they are engaged to be married and everything seems to be going great.

Then one day, Ellen finds a missing Russian doll which she lost when she was a child. Then Finn also begins to find more Russian dolls and receives messages from an unknown person who later reveals herself as Layla.

Welcome to Finn's nightmare. Is Layla still alive? Is someone toying with him? Why get in touch now? What do the messages and dolls signify? Finn suspects anyone and everyone.

Who wouldn't be freaked out. Oh, what a tangled web we weave! Was this my favorite B. Paris book? But as I said, she did a great job crafting her story.

She had me thinking about it hours after finishing the book. This book moves at a very nice pace and for me was a fast read.

The mystery of what really happened the night Layla went missing and who is leaving behind the dolls and sending email messages really drive the story.

So why not a higher rating? I still felt there were some unanswered questions and the need to suspend some disbelief. I also felt the ending was a little rushed.

Thank you to St. Martin's Press and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

See more of my reviews at www. View all 27 comments. I cannot tell you the last time an author has come in and swept me off my feet like she has!

The speed at which her stories kick off is one of the most consistent and memorable aspects for me. There is no time wasted, no numerous pages of filler to get through prior to any excitement; you are in it, right away and I appreciate that.

For example, with this one, by paragraph 8, I am already yelling at our protagonist, you did what!? Paris is Queen!

Following two perspectives, through both past and present timelines, this narrative is expertly woven together to keep you at the edge of your seat.

I had so many theories. No, wait, that can't be it. Okay, okay, I have it, this is it. I find myself becoming so attachmented to her characters, even the most unreliable of narrators.

I won't say they are always likable, but they are definitely always believable! With her main characters especially, I feel like they are my friends doing stupid things and making stupid mistakes and I just want to shake them.

I'll admit, I do scold them frequently; out loud. I feel it is best to go into her stories blind. The only thing you need to know about this is that Bring Me Back is a taut psychological thriller that will keep you frantically turning pages until the very end.

And what an ending it is! In summation, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I am really hoping for a release to keep this beautiful rhythm we have going!

Thank you so much to St. Martin's Press for sending me an advanced copy of this book for review. Paris, thank you so much for writing. The Queen of Manipulation.

Blame it on B. Because Bring Me Back was no exception on that front. Simple, yet forceful and imaginative. Not every story is going to work for every reader.

The characters never seemed to come to life. I felt as though we were only shown outlines and whispers of what was intended to be a solid, complex cast.

I wanted to know them better, each of them, but never got the chance. Much of the story felt like a wild mental goose chase, circling around the same issue without much progression or variety.

I wanted to see more events unfold for myself, rather than being told what took place. True talent, and I look forward to more!

Thanks a bunch for the digital copy, Dearest Netgalley! View all 56 comments. Well done B. If you are a serious thriller fan, this book has everything you crave in a perfectly crafted thriller!

But as is so often the case, the pas Well done B. But as is so often the case, the past has a nasty habit of finding its way to the surface.

For some readers it was just too much. For me I loved it! I had my own set of dolls growing up and it actually brought back some fond memories.

This book will keep you guessing to the final page. I had that rare fluttering of excitement the entire time reading this book.

And by the time I reached the end I was still left with a cliff-hangar moment. This is my third book by B. Paris and by far my favorite so far!

Cannot wait for her next!! A fantastic Traveling Sister read! Paris for an ARC to read in exchange for an honest review. View all 74 comments. View all 51 comments.

Mar 06, Melisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc , netgalley , thriller. Addictive, fast-paced, and mind boggling! Every single theory I had about where the plot was going was given to the main character as part of his ideas at a little past the halfway point, and I was stuck there with my jaw dropped thinking, well then.

This author just flipped the script and threw out everything I was thinking so where are we going to go from here?! I did figure it out at about three quarter Addictive, fast-paced, and mind boggling!

Thanks a mil to B. View all 60 comments. It was an extremely enjoyable, entertaining, fun, and ridiculous psychological thriller novel that had me totally engrossed and interested right from the very first page.

The ps 4. The psychological aspect to this novel I thought was extremely clever and well executed. Paris tells a story though.

There were definitely some questionable storytelling and one liners here that had me rolling my eyes a little bit but all in all nothing really irked me and I absolutely loved the Epilogue.

Paris for that!! PARIS delivers a very readable, unique and fun story here with unreliable characters that weaves back and forth in a then and now perspective with short chapters to make this an extremely quick and easy read.

So if you are looking for a compulsive read with the help of some Russian Stacking Dolls to solve this mystery then this book is for you!

Would recommend! Paris for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this book. View all 78 comments. Apr 19, Christina - Traveling Sister rated it liked it Shelves: traveling-friends.

Another great book of the month choice by the Traveling Friends! Finn and Layla were madly in love over a decade ago, until one fateful night Layla goes missing from a gas station parking lot, never to be seen or heard from again.

Finn and Layla's sister Ellen fall in love some years later and are s 3, I'm never going to get it right, turns out I'm the worst detective - don't call me if you need help solving a mystery stars!

Finn and Layla's sister Ellen fall in love some years later and are set to be married. Following their wedding announcement, Finn and Ellen begin receiving Russian nesting dolls the meaning of which connects Ellen and Layla from their childhood and thus commences the mystery!

Who is sending these dolls? Is it really Layla? If so, where has she been? Why is she back now? This is my second B. Paris novel and while I did like this more than Behind Closed Doors I still couldn't bring myself to make the leap from 3 stars to 4.

A has a unique ability to build suspense, sometimes seemingly without an actual story to back it up honestly, a feat I can't even begin to comprehend.

However, there wasn't a lot of thrill here. I did read this in less than 24 hours and that is a testimate to the entertainment value of the book.

There are 2 main POVs and we do get a "before" and "now" view of the story chapter to chapter. I didn't find it overly distracting in this, however, I also don't think it added anything here for me either.

The character development was surprisingly sub-par for me. Aside from our 3 main players, we have Finn's best friend Harry.

Harry is the real MVP of this story. The kind of support he's given Finn throughout his life is truly unbelievable. BUT, we aren't given any background into that.

I don't understand where this loyalty came from or see at all how Finn earned this. There's some traditional and not so traditional red herring stuff going on in here but it isn't overwhelming and I felt like it was pretty well done.

It certainly kept my focus from what the outcome actually ended up being. The ending is 'tied up nicely' in that you're given a final "a-ha" moment and B.

I appreciate that the novel is self-contained but I personally prefer to be given information steadily throughout with a moment in the end where it all comes together but it isn't given to me.

Past that, again, the ending didn't feel fully developed to me. While all the questions were answered, I don't really feel it was all that plausible.

I kind of feel like B. I think if Bring Me Back intrigues you and you're feeling the synopsis it's definitely worth picking up!

I've been binging so many of these types of novels it's hard to not compare and this one just wasn't quite up to that 4th star for me.

View all 19 comments. Apr 26, Mackenzie - PhDiva Books rated it it was amazing Shelves: netgalley , psychological-thrillers.

Unsettling in the best possible way!!!

Welche Kosten entstehen? Durch Beste Spielothek in Oberneubrunn finden erfolgreiche Teilnahme an mehreren Wettbewerben, das positive Feedback der Presse und der ersten realen Rückführungen, wurde das Konzept bestätigt. Du bezahlst nur die Marker. Momentan werden Gegenstände im Wert von mehr als Walhalla Spiel halben Million Euro Bringmeback. Hallo Katrin, also Kinder und alte Leute lasse ich jetzt mal vorn vor : Ich bin auch ständig am Suchen von meinen Schlüsseln und kann nur von Glück reden, sie nicht schon verschusselt oder verloren zu haben. When he returns to the car Layla is nowhere to be found! When he returns, Layla is gone, Beste Spielothek in Pflegerhube finden seen by anyone. Harry is the real MVP of this story. View all 21 comments. Bringmeback fifth novel is out in Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. What do the messages and dolls signify? Startseite Menü Die Nominees stehen fest! I felt as though we were only shown outlines Beste Handy Apps whispers of what was intended to be a solid, complex cast. Is this legal? View all 19 comments. Read on to find out my friends.

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Längeres Widerrufsrecht - 30 Tage für alle Nachrangdarlehen. Close Menu. Was macht BringMeBack? Wie kommt man auf so eine Idee?

Wie funktioniert BringMeBack? Wie verdient BringMeBack Geld? It isn't disturbing, it isn't messing with your head, you can't feel the emotions of the characters, and you can't seem to care about what the fuck is going on in the mind of them.

My reading relationship and experience with B. Paris isn't off to a good start and I'm worried about what's to come next. As an avid book buyer, I went to Target and decided to buy this book with a gift card I was given for my birthday this year.

Since the money "was given to me", I didn't really care about regretting the choice I had made.

I've not decided to just donate this to my library since they have Paris' other books Behind Closed Doors and The Breakdown and, knowing me, I'll end up borrowing them just to have all her books marked as read.

That is, if I manage to finish them. To me it was physical proof that I was carrying you through tough times.

Except that when life got tough, I hadn't carried you at all. They fell in love as Finn cared for her while she was looking for a job to get a place to stay at and reside in there.

At that time, he had a girlfriend but realized she wasn't the one for him, so he quickly dismissed his feelings for her and falls for Layla.

Now, the two are in love and on vacation. They had been dating for a year now when they decided to take a vacation before Finn would propose to her after wanting to spend his life with her forever.

After returning from their trip, Finn decides to stop and use the restroom at a service station. He locks the doors of the vehicle as Layla is left waiting.

When he returns, Layla is gone, not seen by anyone. Finn shouts, screams, and yells her name, but there isn't an answer. He gets no service; there are no cameras to look for evidence; there is nothing to be done.

Now, Finn is in love This time, it's with Ellen, Layla's sister. Rumors in the city about Layla and Finn go by where they live, but the two dismiss what others have to say.

They're happy together, living together with their dog, Peggy, unable to forget that Layla is who brought them together.

What turns into a mystery begins with a sloppy romance, but it's not just between Ellen and Finn but also between Layla and Finn.

See, Finn thinks Layla is alive or has returned after running away because he keeps seeing things that are given as hints or clues to her life, but he isn't sure what to believe and who to believe.

While trying to figure out his love for Ellen, Finn must find out who is behind these clues and what or who is trying to stop him from marrying Ellen.

Little did he know his answer was right there. I pushed back from my desk, annoyed that I'm thinking of Layla again.

Yes, and that's the problem Finn, you can't seem to understand what woman you're in love with I'm not familiar with the genre, but as someone who is interested in studying law, I feel like thrillers could help, in a way where I could even dive into the mind of the character and learn about the way they think and act, that is if it's a good way.

Paris had been quite a well-known author and her books had appeared on my feed because a lot of my mutuals had read her books or wanted to, so I thought "Why not read her recently published book?

As readers, I feel like we should dive into the author's first books so we can get a sense of their writing and see how much has progressed over the years if they have made any.

One of the biggest problems I had with this was, for starters, the writing. Paris is a year-old woman, but her writing isn't proving it. I mean, this really felt like a teenager had written it or an adult who was just getting into writing a book, no matter what genre.

It didn't feel like this was adult fiction, it felt like it was a young adult. This could be a wonderful read for starters like me, but hell, if this is what I'll be reading in the genre of suspense for a couple of more months to see where I'm heading then fuck, I'm quitting.

I can't fathom my disappointment with this. I was really looking forward to this. Labeled as a psychological thriller, I really thought there was gonna be a ride.

I thought I would get so invested in the minds and emotions of these characters, but every character was total shit.

None had captivated my interest and I couldn't bother caring about anything that was soon to be done. To start off, Finn was a total mess.

For a protagonist, he was an awful male character. You can't feel bad for him, you feel only angry at him. There were no good reasons and excuses for what he did.

Oh and add some shitty suspense to that, I guess. You can't help but just yell at his fictional and invisible character and tell him to get a hold of himself because he's so dumbfounded, ignorant, and just so plain.

You don't give him empathy, you don't care for his suffering, you instead give him anger and rolled eyes. It's so dumb how characters have to be given these dumb ass roles.

Imagine having to play the role of a male character who feels like he has to marry his dead wife's sister because she somewhat reminds you of your dead wife so you end up falling in love with her even though you can't stop thinking about her sister, your dead wife, so you will basically do anything to find her and believe the unbelieavable like the fact that she might be alive because you miss her and still love her even though you just proposed to your current girlfriend, your dead wife's sister?

Finn can relate. Speaking of dead wife, Layla was an unneeded addition to this. I wish there was another way to make this more suspenseful, more mysterious for the reader, but there wasn't anything.

One of the things I hate about book synopsis is that authors sometimes give everything away in the description of the book and it's like you already know what is going to happen because it's there, written, on the damn synopsis or the back of the book or on its cover.

Bring Me Back was like that: it mentions that Layla may be dead or might be alive after presumably being dead for the 12 years that passed by, so obviously, the author manages to grip you in and manipulate you into thinking that's the case.

But then of course, what's a mystery book without ending it with a mystery? Layla should have received better motives, better reasons.

If her case was going to be brought up and just, taken down because nothing could have been found, what was the point of bringing it back?

I had been reading reviews for this and saw how many reviewers noticed how many authors have used this plot twist over and over that's it's so tiresome and gotten to the point where it is so obvious where the plot is going.

I can't speak on my behalf of that, but I hope I don't have to stumble upon those books. I don't like reading about the same "mysterious plot twist" over and over because authors can't be creative and come up with their own ideas to make their own creative way of making an actual psychological thriller And of course, I can't go on writing this review without mentioning Ellen.

Apart from the fact that she is the sister of her boyfriends ex and dead wife , Ellen was another messy character.

Huh, no wonder these two got along so well. I mean, I really dislke that, reading or seeing the relationship of two people form because one of them dated the other's sibling or former partner or anything else.

But I guess love is love and sometimes you have to do the unthinkable when it comes to it. Except, sometimes, the unthinkable doesn't come from love and from the heart, just from the brain and how you think you're actually in love but instead you're planning on getting revenge or setting up your "lover" to find out his secrets.

The love Finn had with Layla is so different than the one he shares with Ellen. They are completely different people and there were some times where I wanted to point to Layla and make Finn choose her, but he is a dumbfounded character after all.

While Layla was more comprehensible, I felt like Ellen was too inpatient. She wanted things quick and was a character who, honestly, did not appreciate what and who she had.

I felt like she was someone who needed to develop on her own and not with someone else. I felt like she didn't deserve Finn, didn't deserve anyone to be honest, except herself, because she didn't have her own very self, and that was the problem.

Ellen thought too much about herself and not others. She noticed the side effects of others but not her own, and she always thought about other's actions and not hers.

She was too crazy, too complex, and I just thought she needed time for her own self. I felt like her relationship with Finn didn't develop right and, since we obviously never got her side of the story, I don't know how exactly it was formed.

We get snippets of how they met and how they basically ended up falling in love , but there was obviously nothing else.

There was no chemistry, no connections, between the two. Both kept thinking about Layla and that just threw everything off. But apart from her eyes, Ellen was very different from Layla.

If she'd had the same red hair, the same freckled skin, I would have found it difficult. She was slimmer than Layla, more conservatively dressed, more reserved.

In short, she was the proverbial older sister and it seemed on that first meeting that she never smiled. Another thing to point out is that this book tells you instead of showing you.

Tom and Jerry who? One of the other things I couldn't understand was the point of the letters, the past shifting with the present. Obviously, there were scenes needed to explain the whole backstory, but maybe that should have been its own part instead of separated parts shifting between the present and the past.

Maybe it was just a "me problem", but I couldn't see the connection between any of the characters. The only character you can trully fall for is the dog, Peggy, and wish the very best for her.

That was the case, actually, and I'm glad she didn't die or anything. Since I basically hated everything, I can't understand the hype this author gets.

If this is her third novel, shouldn't her writing improve? If her writing was this bad in this novel than shit, I can't imagine the other two novels.

Or maybe she just wanted to write this in a YA version instead of an adult fiction way? It really just felt like a YA mystery and not an Adult book.

There were no questions being asked as for how psychological thrillers should make you. There were more eye rolls than gasps and shocks because of every obvious little thing that was about to happen.

Hell, not even the twist was that good! For people who have read a lot of thrillers, it would be there, right off the bat, and you would know who planned it and why.

I feel like it was a bad idea to start off reading B. Paris with her recently published book, but maybe her others will do more than what it offers?

I'm hoping. That's the thing about losing someone; you tend to remember every careless remark, even those made in jest.

View all 9 comments. Could you let it go? Would you want to? Paris, feel about it. Read on to find out my friends. Now: Finn is happily engaged to Ellen, living a quiet life in the suburbs, just the two of them.

Being with Finn, well, for Ellen it is everything she ever wanted. Before: Finn was engaged to Layla. His love for her was e 3.

His love for her was extremely intense. He needed her, was consumed by her and wanted to be with her every second.

Then she disappeared, out of thin air. That was twelve years ago. Finn has never gotten over it. Neither has Ellen. Finn is haunted by this..

Could her sister be alive? Is your pulse racing? Are your hands shaking? The answer should be yes. It is a quick, easy read which I flew through in a matter of mere hours.

While I guessed parts of the story by the midway part, another threw me complete for a loop and that part was a bit far-fetched for me. Paris is an expert at immediately capturing a readers attention and she grabbed mine from the get go.

That said, if you liked B. This was a Traveling Sister read which was a lot of fun for all of us. Paris for an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

View all 50 comments. Bring Me Back Paris delivers a clever and unique psychological thriller that surrounds Russian dolls.

Russian dolls.. Surprisingly, I actually liked the concept of the dolls. It was different and something that I don't see all the time.

The author didn't stump me on the twist It's funny because I've seen numerous Bring Me Back It's funny because I've seen numerous reviews that have stated that out of all B.

A Paris' novels that this was their least favorite. What I have noticed about B. A Paris' writing style is something I'm not too fond of. I feel like every character has a "paranoia" style.

I'm not even sure how to describe it It's constantly "what if this" or Omg what if this Let's meet Layla and Finn. Layla and Finn are traveling throughout France when they decide to pull over on the side of the road.

Finn goes into the restroom and leaves Laya in the car. Upon Finn's return, Layla is nowhere to be found.

An investigation is conducted and she has disappeared. Finn is devastated without the love of his life Layla.

A few years go by and Finn is contacted by Layla's sister Ellen. Soon Finn and Ellen's relationship takes off into a romance. Ellen and Finn are engaged ready to get married Where did this come from?

Only three people know about the story with these Russian dolls: Ellen, Finn, and Layla. Finn is starting to get messages from an unknown person that reveals herself to be Layla.

After all these years Ironically, this was actually quite entertaining and it was a super fast read for me! This wasn't one of my absolute favorite thrillers but it wasn't bad.

I'll give it to Paris. I did feel the ending was a tad rushed which I'm not a fan of at all and left me with some unanswered questions.

Thank you so much to Netgalley and St. Martin's Press for the advanced arc. View all 35 comments. First of all, Paris knows how to hook me early on.

Finn and Layla are on vacation, and while they are driving along a deserted highway, Finn stops to use the restroom at a gas station.

When he returns to his car, Layla has disappeared. Or, so Finn tells the police Fast forwa 4 entertaining stars to Bring Me Back! They bonded over their shared loss of Layla.

That said, Finn does not fully trust Ellen. His intuition says something is not right. If Layla is alive, what is her m. I have always been mesmerized by Russian nesting dolls, and now they creep me out, thanks to this book!

I felt tension from the first paragraph of Bring Me Back, and it built and built. The plotting outshines the characters, and while I would have liked more depth to them, I was hooked into the plot!

The pacing was excellent, and I flew through this book. I also have to mention Peggy, the dog, because she almost steals the show!

Overall, I found Bring Me Back to be on the dramatic side of psychological suspense, but I did not mind the drama at all.

From beginning to end, I was invested, shocked, and fully entertained! Bring Me Back is available now! My reviews can also be found on my blog: www.

View all 38 comments. Everything I had felt for the characters as I was reading got thrown into turmoil when I got to the end.

It was just way too unbelievable. Paris fan. My Thanks to netgalley and St. Jan 22, Holly rated it it was amazing Shelves: , netgalley.

Holy crap was this good!! I requested this from Net galley based on last year's The Breakdown. Which, if I recall, I began one night and couldn't put down.

Which is exactly what happened again! So note to future self: if you start to read a B. Paris novel, don't make any plans! This started off with Finn giving his account of the disappearance of his girlfriend , Layla.

From there it weaves back and forth from the night of her disappearance to the events happening now. Is Layla dead?

Or is sh Holy crap was this good!! Or is she back for revenge? No spoilers here! Read it! That's my advice. I will say, it's a given that I am a huge fan of B.

Paris now. View all 21 comments. Feb 02, Carol Bookaria rated it really liked it Shelves: top , mistery-thriller , fiction , , netgalley , favorites.

This was an excellent thriller from B. She delivers again! Finn and Layla are a couple on vacation. They are driving through France and stop at a gas station to refuel the car.

He goes in to pay and when he returns to the car Layla is gone without a trace or explanation. Ten years later, Finn is engaged to be married to Ellen who happens to be Layla's sister.

They connected when they met years after Layla's disappearance. The wedding is set to happen but their lives get affected when a This was an excellent thriller from B.

The wedding is set to happen but their lives get affected when a disturbing object appears at their home. What makes it disturbing is that is an object related to Ellen's long-gone sister Layla.

This was a fast-paced read for me, I kept turning the pages wanting to know more about the story. The novel is narrated in alternating points of view and was engaging, creepy, and intriguing.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and recommend it to readers of thrillers, mysteries and contemporary fiction.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via Netgalley View all 18 comments. Definitely suspenseful, quickly paced, and I did appreciate the format.

Alternating viewpoints worked very well for this story. Had no clue exactly what was going on most of the time, totally fooled. Didn't like any of these characters, suspected Finn of many things, Ellen seemed the most normal, well adjusted.

Unreliable narrators was my thinking. The Russian doll gimmick I thought corny. This was a sisters read where most liked this much more than I.

Turned out to be a mixed read for me, and i Definitely suspenseful, quickly paced, and I did appreciate the format. Turned out to be a mixed read for me, and it did turn out to be a very strange story, as well.

I found the resolution far-fetched and unbelievable. Wettbewerb 7. Wettbewerb 6. Wettbewerb 5. Wettbewerb 4.

Wettbewerb 3. Wettbewerb 2. Wettbewerb 1.


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